Had my first super O

This more of a thank you post to this community and the helpful people who comment. A while back I expressed interest in getting another product to compliment my helix Syn, with my original choices being between the helix trident and the prograsm Jr. Ultimately thanks to some recommendations I decided on the Eupho Trident and in my first session managed to have 2 Super O’s in one session. Thank you those of you who share helpful comments and help others along the journey and I wish good experiences to those of you still on the Journey to the Super-O.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/bhtjab/had_my_first_super_o/

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  1. Its such a happy feeling to read posts like this. The stigma needs to go away. Men should be able to freely work towards feeling this level of pleasure.

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