Why do my testicles hurt now?

I’ve been doing this journey for a week now with the progasm . It’s been fun and difficult ( gonna get a smaller one soon) but after a The last two sessions my balls hurt for like half a day . Like a dull pain. It goes away if I ejaculate. Is my prostate exercises engorging my nuts with ejaculate with no other place to go?

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  1. Sounds like a case of blue balls. It’s just the blood vessels being engorged. Nothing to do with built up semen

  2. Sorry listen that. It is very strange, have you had blue balls? Are the sensation after using the aneros similar?
    You can try to milk your prostate (milking : masage it without any pleasure on the dick which make prostate fluid and/or seminal vesicle liquid are released).
    Maybe you feel more comfortable

  3. Yes, and it does help slightly. I ordered a chastity device and am going to incorporate this into my discipline, because I can’t keep my hands off.

    So if it’s a problem now it will really be a problem when I start the chastity cage. Perhaps I just need to wait this out , don’t masturbate, and let my nuts get used to a new ‘energy ‘ ?

  4. The first reply is correct. I’m not a doctor but I do a few models of Aneros which I use regularly and I get the same thing. Once you either release or do as suggested to milk yourself of prostatic fluid, you will initially have some relief but you’ll still feel the effects of congestion for at least a few hours.

    People who are playing around with chastity devices also need to know that it’s fine to play but you still have to eliminate what your body produces naturally. With the Progasm my ducts are pretty much blocked off until I remove it but you still need to ejaculate eventually.

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