Im not sure if I’m Fou any of this right but my libido and stamina is amazingly different.

Did I get the right aneros:
nope , too big. I started with the progasm ice

Am I doing keegels correctly?

I’m not sure🤔
I don’t even know how to spell keegels. I just clench and unclench rhythmically for an hour. Last night I did it for two hours. I love it when those muscles down there get fatigued and warm and tight.

Have I gotten a super O?

Nope , not in the first 3 weeks. But it’s like I’m drawing into some other energy source that buzzes through me long after a session or keegel exercise.

Are my erections better?
Rock hard. And lasts longer. I had sex once and didn’t even finish and still really enjoyed it a lot. It’s like I was deriving my pleasure from a deeper source. I was then able to enjoy my wife a lot more.

I think if I have the time and space and privacy that most fathers/ husbands don’t have in my bracket of life that I can achieve a super O. But that’s not even why I like this now. It started off as my main goal but the journey is so much more enriching.

Because my sex drive is fixed, and more controlled than ever before I’m finding different ways to be ensnared by my wife because I can stay at a low – mid level of sexual hunger for a longer period of time. And through that season of ‘hunger’ I get to lust and day dream about my wife’s skin and hair and ….. I can go on about her forever.

I think aneros and all that goes with it helps you direct the frenzied, sugary, penis orgasm energy towards anything else you want to apply it to.

I must admit too that this is so fun, and life changing that Ive found it difficult to balance my self in other aspects of my mundane, day to day stuff. Tapping into this energy makes the useless things we all have to do seem more useless .

TLTR: I haven’t done anything correctly and what little I’ve done correctly is having enormously positive results.