Trying to push over the edge

I’ve been using my helix pretty regularly for the past two months every couple days and I’ve gotten to the point where I can start feeling what I assume are P waves around every other session. It feels like that feeling like I’m about to cum but I feel it in my perineum, balls and dick, and my inner thighs.

I feel like I’m so close when I feel these waves I just can’t go over the edge and then the feelings go away. Is this supposed to feel like you reach an end point or does the feeling just get stronger and stronger and that’s basically it?



  1. This is a tough one because I know exactly what you’re saying. I know for a fact that part of this whole thing we do is mental. You’re going to have off days. Do your prep. If you need to pee part way through, get up and pee because it will interfere if you don’t. The feeling can vary in intensity but it will never feel exactly like an orgasm unless you ejaculate when it hits.

  2. Everyone here always says it but in that situation try to relax. That doesn’t mean stifle the feelings. Think about your body, what muscles you are tensing. Try to relax those muscles while also focusing on what is feeling good from the stimulation.

    For me it helps to think about the arch of my back and imagine a force running up to the back of my neck. Other times I will just tell myself to focus on the back of my quads and let me knees go weak. Other times I imagine a pressure point in the lower region of my abdomen that connects to my prostate aind let it swell and relax my body.

    I think its worth noting that the sensations I was feeling 2 months in versus 12 or 24 have evolved. They might be the same feelings I suppose, but the way you think about them as you learn how to use your body in this way changes slightly as time goes by.

    Edit: oh yea, keep BREATHING

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