Can you forget your Penis? I struggle.

Honestly I can say I have been a serious user of the Aneros products for several years and still struggle to forget about my Penis during my sessions, and to not have expectations of orgasmic bliss. Early in my experiences I struggled complete a session without grabbing my penis and giving it some good old jacking fun. I struggled with expecting some amazing crazy full bodied orgasm only to end up blowing my load all over my naked body.

Focus on what my prostate is feeling. It took a while. And many different methods of experimenting until I got it. Focus on the prostate sensations in the mid section and the feeling of the prostate being touched. Focus on that, not the penis, not the erection that you may or may not have. The only sensation you should be looking for in your penis is, does it feel like it’s leaking. And if so your on the right track.