Helix too small?

So I took the plunge on a aneros and picked up the Helix Trident a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit I really did enjoy it the first couple of times, no orgasm but definitely mass amount of p-waves.

I learned my PC and anal muscles needed some exercising so I have spent my time with it focusing on kegals and building up the muscles around the area.

I had issues with it slipping out when I would get right on the edge but focusing on keep my anal sphincter tight has helped. My problem is focusing on that muscle ruins the experience, yet it seems to pop out when I get ‘close’ in the positions that feel the best if I’m not squeezing to hold it in. The position that feel best for me are mainly doggy and on my back legs straight up or bent with a pillow under the small of my back.

I also noticed that the aneros doesn’t seem to “fill” me. I can feel lots of space between the toy and my prostate. I do play with larger toys from time to time so I’m wondering if maybe I’m just to “stretched” for the Helix?

Anyone else figure out they just needed the XL model and that solved their issues? Will the bigger ones stay in more firmly or do I need to just keep at it and eventually it will become like autopilot?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/cfn68t/helix_too_small/


  1. I actually run into an issue where my Progasm falls out. The Helix seems to stick in place for me. So I think everybody is a little bit different.

    I’m not entirely sure if you tried it but maybe you could put a pillow (folded up maybe) down between your legs. That way if you push it out with your PC muscles then you could just slide it back in by riding the pillow. Or use the pillow as a stationary object that you can use for leverage so you can get some fun angles. Does that make sense?

    What about at a pair of underwear? I was actually thinking about doing this too. That way I can push out a little bit more often, instead of just pulling it in. I’m not entirely sure if this would restrict movement.

    I know that I’m not giving you any definite answers or anything. But I’m just brainstorming some ideas that may be helpful. Let me know what works, I’d love to try it myself. If you have any tips also that work for you let me know too.

  2. I felt the same way when I first started. I felt much Fuller with the program. It’s still my favorite. But, now that I’m fully in touch with my prostate, sometimes the program is too big and I need the Helix for more mobility, usually after the day I used my program.

  3. If you are 5′ 10 or taller, it may be too small. One of the suggestions I read before I bought my first had mentioned that some customers commented that the original felt like it was almost but not quite there. So then they made the longer tapered one. I forget which is which but I have the first two originals which are smaller diameter but one is longer and has a tapered shape. If you are feeling the waves then you’re getting it right but maybe you do need something a little bigger. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say in this sub but if you play around down there much at all… if you catch my drift. I know they aren’t exactly cheap but once I had a few to choose from I found that the variety gave me some options. I am a single man and this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on myself.

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