Questions from a first timer.

Recently picked up an aneros helix but i’m kinda nervous to try it, and I had some questions.
1) Ive heard things about the prostate “buzzing” wondering how long this lasts, and if it happens when you dont have it in.
2) Also heard about some users reporting sleep problems due to the buzzing or involuntary shaking.
I want to experience new things and new pleasure, but i’m concerned about some of this stuff.



  1. 1. The “buzzing” can last beyond a session. I think part of the “rewiring” process causes you to feel arousal in your prostate at times. I describe it as more of an itch or a tingle/tickle depending on how intense it is. It’s not really overwhelming though, if you don’t give it attention, you won’t really notice it and it’ll go away. Just like a boner.
    2. Again, all that is when you’re focused on it and trying to get in-tune with it. It’s not like being possessed by a demon in the exorcist. There can be some involuntary movements, but they come from your posture and relaxation and stuff you’re doing to cause it. If you don’t like it get up and walk around and shake it off and you should be back to baseline.
    3. You’ll be lucky if you feel anything the first couple times. GL

  2. I love the pulsating buzzing feeling after a session. Soon goes away though.

  3. YMMV, I’ve been at it with the Helix and Progasm (along with some other toys including the Pure Wand which is worth every penny) for 2.5 years and never had an issue with unwanted arousal. My sex drive is higher, but that has worked out with my relationship.

    If I’m in the right mood sometimes I’ll think about getting into a session later and I’ll get a nice little wave of pleasure from my perinium that traces up my spine for 2-10 seconds that I can hone in on an enjoy for a bit longer. Some people on here will tell you to be cautious about awakening some energy, but I have no personal experience there. Seems more common that you’ll have minimal sensation that range from nothing to dull pleasure that you may not even recognize as pleasure for a while. Mindfulness and relaxation are the points to remember.

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