First time was… kinda disappointing

So before I decided to buy an aneros, I decided to read up on it first. I read all about getting in the right mood, flexing different muscles (PC and anus muscles, forgive my I forgot the technical term for the latter one)

In the end I decided to buy a Helix Syn Trident and got to town with it. Admittedly I was really stoked to try it out so I couldn’t really get into the mindset of “try to focus on what you’re feeling” and instead focused mainly on the “what am I supposed to be feeling” and “why don’t I feel that”. When I plopped it in it felt nice, and I could feel it brushing against my prostate. But after a while, say like 20 seconds, I didn’t feel anything, it just sat there in my bum.
I tried to flex the right muscles, but still only got the pressure against my prostate sensation for a few half seconds at the time with quite a bit of time in between them. Also I had the idea that I had to flex those muscles really hard.

Sooo I think I’m still doing something wrong (apart from the right mindset) and I have no idea what…
Any veterans with some advice for a beginner in prostate play?

P.S. Don’t get me wrong the orgasm at the end while jacking off felt amazing



  1. Ok so what I would recommend is that you lay on your back with a pillow under your lower back. Put your feet close to your ass idk how to describe it but just like bend your knees and have your feet flat on the bed. You can then clench/keggel and it seems to me to work better. You can also thrust your hips a little and that helps too. If that doesn’t work I would recommend you get a hitachi wand and just clench as hard as you can and push on your prostate with your hitachi. I also found in this position that when I clench or am even relaxed I can touch my prostate through my taint? Idk how to describe it but I can definitely feel my prostate by pushing with my fingers. I hope this helps. I can’t get a HFO, idk how people can do that but this might help.

  2. My big mistake was that I wasn’t using the right muscles… I was using my spincter even thought I didn’t think I was using my PC muscles.

    The muscles you want to use are the ones (on your taint), RIGHT under your ball sack. I was using the ones close to my hole. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get anything.

    Then one day I was squeezing super tight for a while to get just any sensation. Again, I didn’t know what I was doing. And all of the sudden those ones started to butterfly (kind of like the feeling when you lift weights and start to shake). I started to realize where my pc-muscles are. I thought they were the ones to cut off a loaf when pooping. Instead they’re the muscles that you use to shoot out cum.

    Don’t get me wrong you use them all. But for me the most sensation/control I have are from those.

    After that, the rest is history. I set small goals so I didn’t get discouraged.

    I set timers for 15 or 20 minutes for a few weeks.

    Then one day I said I’ll just do 30 minutes and I had my first super O. I have it on voice recording.

    Keep us updated.

  3. My first one was a Progasm. It doesn’t ever miss the spot. I can put it in relax all muscles and I still get aroused. It took me about 4 years to acheive what I suspect was a super-o. It was extremely Euphoric but a lot gentler than ejaculating, and lasted about 45 seconds. My body was starting to get fatigued from the spasms so I laid in the same spot and under two minutes of relaxing everything it started again until my body was exhausted again. Nobody was home so I wasn’t afraid of making too much noise or being walked in on. I also use it sparingly and this was my first session in a couple months. Also single so I don’t have anything but my two hands for stimulation, which gets boring after a while

  4. Don’t be discouraged, the first time isn’t supposed to be anything spectacular. Stay with it. In time, the weird rules around what works and what doesn’t, will make more sense.

    > “what am I supposed to be feeling” and “why don’t I feel that”

    You aren’t going to have any concept of what you should be feeling until you feel it. The location and nature of the sensations are nothing you’ve known before… not that I’m talking it up, it’s just a very different and new way of feeling good… and you have to allow it to be.

  5. Copy and pasting an old response to this common issue:

    Ok, so let me say this: The idea that a guy can put an Aneros in and suddenly feel like God himself is sending waves of angel fingers to caress your prostate into a mind blowing orgasm where you see colors in the infrared spectrum is utterly horseshit. If you had an amazing experience the first time in, you are EXTREMELY lucky and a rare, not normal case.

    My first time with my Progasm was after years of anal play already under me belt. Felt “meh” being in there, I edged like crazy, felt small glimmers of pleasure but nothing great. Came buckets, but I had been edging all weekend at the time. The point is that it wasn’t great. It was just… Meh.

    But I stuck with it. It’s a rewiring process, not a rewiring switch that just clicks. I can put on Progasm in now and, if the mood is right, I instantly feel p-waves and spasm involuntarily. That’s after months of use, and I consider myself lucky its only taken that long.

    You have to relearn what an orgasm is, and you have to relearn how to get there. That’s not done in one session. Or two. Or twenty. It’s highly a mental game. But when you get there, it’s pleasure in its purest form. And it’s made every other sexual act more pleasurable through the learning process.

    First: stop trying to make things happen. That’s the fastest way to make things not happen. I never urposely clench or flex. I lay on my side (started on my back, side is way better) and relax. I try to imagine my butt hole relaxing, my pelvic floor relaxing, like I’m trying to piss without pushing. Just relax.

    Secondly, if you get pleasure, don’t chase it. Enjoy it. Don’t try harder to get more of it. Just enjoy it as it dances to and away from you. It’s like feeding a squirrel by hand. If he nibbles the first nut in the line to your hand, you don’t bull rush it whipping nuts at it. You wait patiently, enjoying every little step closer it takes. It’ll retreat. It’ll come back closer. And you will build an understanding. Guys traditionally think that harder and faster is better. Stop thinking like a guy and think like a woman: consistency. Steady rhythm. These will win the day. Not pushing speeds or timing.

    Finally breathe. Breathe steady. Slowly. From the stomach, not the chest. Breathe even, breathe deeply. Through the mouth, ideally. And either look at nothing, or close your eyes and focus on the feelings you are having, not what you expect to have. Not what you want to have. If you are experiencing a small amount of pleasure, thank it for its company and sit with it for a while. Don’t bemoan how it’s not enough for you. Don’t expect the next move, just enjoy the current moment.

    And don’t read guides or ‘how to’s. They full your head up with rules and techniques. Just three things: breathe. Relax. Enjoy.

    I genuinely hope this helps. The Aneros is the most powerful sexual experience in terms of raw pleasure I have ever felt. It’s been an immense sexual awakening for me. The biggest sexual influence for me in my life, and I say that with zero exaggeration. I firmly believe men of all walks can benefit from this type of pleasure and self awakening (at the risk of sounding too spiritual). I hope you succeed.

  6. As a new user I would recommend testing at least a day or two between sessions.

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