Incorporating a partner

I’ve been really intrigued by prostate play ever since I heard about the possibilities. My girlfriend is pretty uneasy about anything anal but after talking about it for a while she’s willing to try anything that doesn’t involve bare hands in the butt.

I was interested in something from Aneros after I heard the Sex with Emily episode about it, but from what I can tell those kind of work on their own from pelvic contractions. I feel like my big fantasy is for her to have complete control to “give” me these crazy orgasms. Does anyone have any ideas or relevant experiences?


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  1. Been using Aneros for about a month. Sometimes with wife. She moves it around and wanks me at same time. Then fucking with it in. Orgasms much longer more intense than usual. More often solo. Had mixed results but limited “me” time is the biggest factor. It takes a lot longer to get anywhere than a quick one off the wrist. Problem now is I find it hard to cum without it up my ass. Fucking last night for ages, even anal. Stayed hard as a rock but no orgasm. Maybe once you’ve gone there it’s hard to go back? Anyone else experience similar?

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