Huge orgasm using Progasm Ice, was it an anal/prostate orgasm or regular from grinding?

Ok so I just had an incredible orgasm. I basically popped in my Progasm Ice and started watching porn. I was wearing some tights and a leotard over it as that’s my fetish. I had it in for upwards of an hour doing the contractions and not feeling too much, but I noticed after a while that sort of air humping / moving my crotch up and down felt nice.

I continued this until I decided to go on my front, at which point I found that grinding my crotch against the bed and clenching my butt felt really quite good. Eventually I end up seeing this girl in the porn I was watching masturbating, she was incredible, and then as I started grinding more I started to get the feeling I would normally if I were close to orgasm.

Eventually it peaked and I came really hard, the whole thing was completely handsfree. The clincher for me is that I have never ever had a handsfree orgasm. I was most likely getting a bit of penile stimulation from grinding against the bed but was certainly getting good anal feelings too.

Was this an prostate orgasm? At least I’m heading in the right direction. What should I try next?



  1. Who cares what it was. As long as your had fun, that’s all that matters.

    I find out that when all I do is clench and whatever the books say I don’t get to point I really want. So I’m just going to do what comes naturally. Do more of what feels right.

    The biggest sex organ is your brain.

  2. Whatever it was, you’re on the right track.

    It’s all about setting goals and working to reach them. Next time you can try reducing your dick grinding and focusing that much more on the Ice. You can also switch back to facing up when the dick grinding gets you close.

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