What was the “aha” that put you over the edge?

I’ve seen a number of commenters talk about something they did differently that caused Aneros play to go from good to oh-wow-super-o. For example: a different model, a different body position, different lube, etc. For those who have had that “I tried this and everything changed” experience, what was the switch?

BTW, I’m enjoying myself with my current progress and experience, not being impatient or pushing for more; I’m just curious if there are any patterns here.

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  1. The realization that muscle relaxation is just as (if not more) important than the contractions!

  2. the a ha i had was when i tried not to chase the super o…let it happen. it will find you. slight contractions, and movements feel for it.

  3. It happened for me the first time this morning and it was an extraordinary experience.

    Starting at the beginning, I bought a Helix Classic years ago and enjoyed it as a booster to a regular ejaculation. I didn’t know about “super Os” but that was okay, it added to the regular experience. Some time later, I bought a Helix Syn because it was “the latest thing” but it ended up doing less for me that the original. Less mobile, less fun.

    Then I discovered this group and I started to think about what the next move should be. I had long since lost the Classic and the Syn was frankly useless. So last w/end I ordered and took delivery of a Eupho Trident and a Maximus Trident. I knew enough to realise that I needed to try out both ends of the size spectrum because everyone’s physiology is different. Plus I decided through direct experience to avoid the Syn models because, for me, they are less mobile when inserted.

    First time around with the new toys was last Saturday, and it was pleasurable but I made the mistake of listening to, and then looking at, porn. Big distraction.

    This morning, I popped in the Eupho with liberal amounts of coconut oil and started relaxing with deep breathing (usual 4 secs in/out) and zero distractions. I wanted to see if I could allow the Eupho to do its own thing without me taking any control over it via instigating the clenching of my muscles.

    So I focused on my breathing, on relaxing all muscles, but thinking about the Eupho inside me and the inevitability of what it would do to stimulate me. I concentrated only on the feeling of it inside me.

    Surprise, surprise, some muscles started feeling it in there by gently contracting and then relaxing. I wasn’t doing this – they were doing this themselves, albeit very gently. Up to this point, I was lying on my back, but I remember reading that some folks got better results on their side, bottom leg straight and the top bent at 45 deg. So I tried it.

    Big step forward. I found that being on my back limited mobility and by moving onto my side, I felt more feedback from my muscles reacting to the Eupho inside.

    Gradually, the feedback from my muscles increased but slowly. I made a conscious effort not to instigate any movement. In fact, for some minutes, nothing happened. But I felt that if I was patient, the reflex would come back.

    And it did, stronger each time. But gradually. I remember at one point my pelvis started with tiny twitches. These become stronger and stronger. Again, there were times in between when nothing happened. At these points, I deliberately relaxed everything.

    All the time, my mind was focused on my prostrate and I played a game wondering when the next reflex would come. I didn’t have to wait long.

    After maybe an hour, I got to the point where my hips were twitching uncontrollably, starting with a frequency of maybe once every two seconds. When this happened, I bore down on the Eupho with all the strength of my muscles. Not my choice, pure reflex. This quickly escalated into once a second, then three times a second, then uncontrollable shaking. My heart rate went through the roof and I gripped the pillows and held on for dear life. I felt out of control, huge lust, and huge pleasure.

    When I thought I was going to pass out, I pulled myself back. Took a few deep breaths, and then the rollercoaster ride started all over again.

    I must have had a half dozen of these in 30 mins, and then it was time to get up and go to work. Nothing like this has happened to me before and I am feeling greedy to try it again. As it was happening, all I could think of was “Eupho, you little bitch, you’re completely controlling me, I can’t stop and I fucking love you for it”!

    After the third episode, I took out the Eupho and tried the Maximus. It still worked, but not as good. It was less subtle, less teasing. I think it’s the teasing of the Eupho that provokes such strong reflex reactions in me.

    To recap, what made the difference was: (a) no touching the penis; (b) relaxatjon through breathing; (c) lying on side rather than on back; (d) not instigating anything; but, (e) turning my mind’s attention solely to my prostate and not allowing anything else (ie porn) to distract me. I can highly recommend coconut oil as a lube and I use a small syringe to inject some before inserting a lubed Eupho.

    Was that a “super-o” I experienced? I don’t know. But I’m committed to doing more research ;-). Good luck with your own journey.

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