Penis position while in a session.

Hi all.

I have read a lot about how to position your body and legs 🦵🏻 and all, but nowhere is there a topic as to WHAT to do with your penis. I have a foreskin and every time i get a p-wave, i feel like it is ruined by my foreskin because of the tiny movements it causes.

Also the positioning. Where the flip should it go and in what position 🤨? BeCause every time i want to start on my side etc it touches the bed and immediate i have a huge erection that disturbs my session.

Also using Progasm and Helix Syn.

TL;DR : Where and whAt should i do with my penis position.

Thanks all, and many wonderful Super – O’s for everyone!!!



  1. I get too much stimulation on my penis in any position other than laying on my back, were I just let it do whatever. When it’s erect and the aneros is auto fucking, it will bounce, making the thrusting seem harder.

  2. I find that wearing a jockstrap helps to prevent any unwanted stimulation. If I’m on my stomach I like to push my dick down towards my feet

  3. I use a cock ring and usually just pull my forskin back at the beginning of the session.

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