Breakthrough / anal orgasm

Have had the progasm for not too long. First aneros toy. Have used it 3 or 4 times. Had a break though while just totally relaxing, laying on my back.

I rotated my hips / grinding my butt into the bed. This rotation angled the progasm p tab into my perenium pretty hard. The grinding rubbed the tab back and forth / side to side, and it felt great! This feeling kept growing, to the point where it was sort of out of body / my mind freaking out cause nothing like this has ever happened to me. Kept at it for an hour or so. Really satisfying in a new way.

At no point did I touch my penis / I was not clenching down on my pc muscles. These two things were the main difference between this session and other anal sessions. Im fairly experienced using dildos / other toys. This felt like a very different experience / feeling all together.

Excited to try again / I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble actually feeling something good beyond “yeah im aware of this thing in my butt”.



  1. Anal exploration sure is fun. Each new toy and position brings something new.

  2. Sounds heavenly, after a day of preparing my body I used my Helix for the first time just then. Didn’t cum but it felt damn good rocking back and forth in me

  3. Nice! I was playing with a Revo Stealth for the first time last evening and also had a similar experience. It vibrates and rotates but the vibration doesnt seeem to do much for me. The rotation on the other had was very intresting.

    I found that I just let it go do its thing and not clinch or squeeze it provided the similar feelings that you described above. It built up for quite a while and I felt like I had to or was going to pee but it was different. I started clinching and squeezing at this point and it caused a fare amount of shuddering. I felt like I couild have gone over the edge a few times and kept working it but eventually got fatiged and ran out of time and energy.

    All that to say it was a fun and draining session that I will be happy to repeat sometime soon.

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