Burning urethra?

I recently used the Maximus Trident for a couple of nights in a row, experiencing some very intense feelings which were all good.

However, a day later I’m noticing pain in my urethra, like a burning sensation while I pee and general pain felt in my penis.

I know prostate problems can lead to burning pee, just wondering if I’ve maybe been a bit too rough? Has anyone else experienced this?

I normally use the Helix Syn Trident which is a lot more flexible than the Maximus and I never have any problems…

It could just be a UTI and I’m making the association, but naturally I’m concerned.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/cw5l8o/burning_urethra/

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  1. You might have a UTI or yeast infection. Both will clear up in about 2 weeks with good hygene. Remember to wash everything very thoroughly including your hands after a session!

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