Finally achieved a totally hands free orgasm!

Prostate stimulation has been a fascination of mine since I knew the P-spot existed. Always preferred plugs to dildos. Bought the Aneros Progasm recently, and on only my 2nd try, I was able to achieve a completely hands free orgasm. My trick was to lay flat on my belly, close my eyes, and only focus on the sensations. After only about 10 minutes, I came really hard, all while still locked in chastity. My legs were shaking! This toy has opened up a world of possibilities. Turns out you don’t need vibration, or and in-and-out thrusting motions, just an Aneros and your undivided attention.

Do yourself a favor and get one!



  1. Interesting that you were laying on your belly versus your back. Do you think that was the difference

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