Looking to buy my first Aneros toy. Which one is recommended?

This is my first prostate toy. I have tried 2 finger anal stimulation using condom but couldn’t feel my prostate and have actually felt sore in my anus. I do feel a buzz sometimes when I lightly and rhythmically punch my perineum. I’m 5’10, somewhat athletic.I will be using a condom and a silicon lube. I have these options available:

* Aneros Helix Trident/Syn
* Aneros MGX Trident
* Aneros Maximum Trident
* Aneros Progasm Black Ice/Classic/Ice

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  1. The Helix Trident for sure. Don’t bother with the syn model, they’re too soft to give you an adequate amount of pressure on the prostate.

    The Progasm is good not great, the sensations are very in your face and while that sounds good, it’s a more difficult toy to use *well.* And I’ve never used a Maximus, so I’m not gonna weigh in on that one.

  2. I got my Aneros Helix Trident a few months ago. I’m still learning my body and all. But I really like it. It’s the first one and only one I’ve bought. I’ve heard great things and I have had some success. Not like a super o or anything but definitely feel something each time I have a chance to use it long enough for a “session”.

    I think with a little patience and dedication it can definitely be worth it.

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