Bed not firm enough?

I was wondering if my bed (Tempurpedic) is too soft and restricting movement of the toy? I’ve tried adding a few pillows underneath my lower back to elevate a bit more, and it seems to help. I pretty certain I’ve rode a p-wave before but it doesn’t last for longer than a minute or two. I’m not sure if it’s me trying too hard once it happens, or some external factors.



  1. I am not sure, haven’t ever heard of this. In fact my first real p-wave was on my hands and knees.

    But I know that every time I start thinking about if this is a p-wave or the infamous Super-O that’s when it stops.

    So do what feels right! Rock on your bed! Moan, groan, scream! Hump the bed or your pillow. Throw your legs up! Roll over. Start the shaking voluntarily. Just don’t think about if it’s happening or not.

    Have fun! It’ll happen when it happens. I’m waiting for another one to start.

  2. I’ve definitely tried my sides too, and I’ve felt the simulation that way too. It is frustrating to feel so close yet so far, but the negative feeling goes away quickly as it still does feel good. I’ll give the other method a shot, thanks for the feedback!

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