How I achieved Multiple, non-ejaculating Orgasms

**I recently achieved the Super O and I want to share how I did it.**

When it occurred it was an hour of 2-3 minute orgasms spread about 4-5 minutes apart (round about) with some periods that just felt like they would not end, until it did finally (and weirdly…abruptly. It was like my ass said “ok..enough”)

**First some important information.**

It will typically take many many sessions to get there. For me, it was a 3 year journey of first finding the right toy (one that fits, doesn’t hurt and is easy to put in), the right lube (for me again, coconut oil seems to work best), and the right mindset.

Mindset being the most important one. You are basically creating an orgasm with your mind here. The aneros helps it along, but once you get it, you will notice you can do it without one up your ass so always know this is coming from you thinking about it and making it occur.

You need at **least** 2 and a half hours for a proper session where you will not be interrupted. This does not include prep time.

For Prep, you need to ensure your bowels are voided and clean, you don’t have to urinate and you have plenty of lube, toys and available materials at arm’s reach.

You need a good toy that does not hurt and feels comfortable up your ass.

**Don’t touch your dick. Seriously.** The whole point of this is to rewire your brain to want to orgasm through your prostate, not your cock.

A little bit of pot smoking can’t hurt here. Not too much though. Just enough to get you aroused and feeling things more acutely.

**Finally, if it hurts or doesn’t feel good, STOP. Try again another time.**

· Start off by relaxing, turning yourself on through whatever means you typically get yourself horny when you are going to traditionally masturbate.

· Once you are “in the mood”, Lie down on your back with a pillow under your butt and your legs spread in a reverse v shape with the bottoms of your feet planted near the bottom of the pillow. Ensure you are very very comfortable in this position, so if you are not, you can put your legs down or adjust until you are. Comfort > form here. In fact, if you want to do other positions or whatever, go for it. The only important thing is you are comfortable and it feels good.

· Now just relax and enjoy the feelings of being horny. Feel that tingle in your balls? **Enjoy that. Savor it.** Feel that tickling around your groin growing slightly warm or tingling? **Enjoy that.** The idea here is to start with a good feeling and help it grow. **Nurture it.** Meditation techniques are super helpful here as your mind will want to wander. You want to always bring your mind back to that good feeling you are feeling and relax into it. This will take around 20-30 minutes. Once you feel an occasional spasm happen in ass/prostate area, it’s time to insert.

· Use a bunch of lube and stick an aneros toy in (I wouldn’t use vibrators yet. That is more advanced and you want to be able to feel what is happening. Vibration can typically be too much).

· Now….relax and do the exact same thing you have been doing for the past 30 minutes with the occasional **light** kegel squeeze. **Find a good feeling and nurture it. Help it grow.** Most importantly, don’t tense up. Relax and just enjoy. You will start to notice spasms happening more and more in and around your prostate. Enjoy them. Let them happen. Don’t try and go faster or push it, just let it ride and take you somewhere. Enjoy the spasms. Relax into them.

· At some point you will feel those spasms start to result in mini orgasms. Again, relax. Don’t try searching for that “release” ejaculation gives you. This is much different. When you do orgasm, the release isn’t like ejaculation. It’s more of a small release then back into that ecstacy right before ejaculation. You want to relax into each one and let them come (Tee Hee. C wut I did Thar).

· Do this until you are done basically. For me, after I took my aneros out the first time I achieved Super-O, I achieved it again without it in there 10 minutes later. Literally my body just stopped me and boom, another orgasm. Amazing stuff.

Feel free to ask questions and I will answer however I can.



  1. Good post. This should be helpful to those still looking for that first one. Like the writer, it took me about 3 years too. Now they start for me when I’m using a finger to get some lube up there. I’ll enjoy a couple mini O’s before I even insert a toy.
    Enjoy the sensations and relax and let it happen. The journey for me was quite enjoyable but once I got there, a whole new level of Njoyment.

  2. Great post buddy. I myself have hit the Super-O once, and gotten close a few times after but mostly am back to square 1 (partly life stuff getting in the way; partly lacking enough alone time!).

    I have 2 questions if you don’t mind. First, so you live up before you start relaxing the first time, or just at toy entry? I find that stage can take me out of it.

    Second, for the relaxing portions (esp pre-insertion) are you watching any porn, or some other stimuli to help relax? If the latter, when do you switch to porn?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. FWIW, dry orgasms and prostate orgasms can be achieved through penile masturbation. Ultimately penis denial is rubbish, and ultimately will do more harm than good.

  4. It seems that most people find the Super O when relaxing and sort of half-meditating rather than doing a bunch of kegel squeezes.

    How much did you incorporate the kegels? Just a little bit near the beginning to get things going?

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  6. The whole point is to rewite your brain to want to orgasam through your prostate not your cock?? So u want to say once u rewire your brain you are not going to be able to orgasam with youe penis only ?

  7. > Don’t touch your dick

    what if a position ends up giving your dick skin contact but not consciously, e.g. on back, legs high? is it more about avoiding intentional stimulation, or making sure that nothing touches it at all?

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