Questions from wife looking to buy for hubby

First- thank you gentlemen for the videos and descriptions, I literally can’t get through a single post without getting off, it’s super fucking hot.
I stumbled upon this sub while I was trying to find the language to describe to my husband the feelings I get when I have multiple back to back orgasms, and the warm glowing orb and waves of intense pleasure that you talk about seems about right. I desperately want my husband to experience this. We are not new to anal at all, and while it’s been amazing, I feel like there is definitely room to grow and explore. So my questions: 1) what model should I get? He really loves the fullness/stretching sensation and definitely gravitates towards large toys. 2) is it worth it to get multiple models? Do they provide different types of orgasms or are they more you might need to try different styles to mesh with your specific anatomy? 3) do any of you use this with a partner? I obviously plan to give him several hours of alone time to explore whenever he needs it, but he’s always preferred I be the person penetrating him as femdom is his kink. It almost seems being alone might be needed to get in the right headspace, but do some of you enjoy using it while being lightly stimulated by someone else (like maybe gently sucking his nipples or nibbling his ears or toes)? 4) any tips? Dirty talk that gets you going? Something you wish you’d have done? I really just want to send him to heaven. Thanks dudes!



  1. Admittedly I’ve never done anal play with anyone else, but hopefully I can still give you a bit of advice!
    Picking a model is kindof a challenge, as I was only able to realise what models I can enjoy after trying quite a few. For me the Progasm is so good, and quite big so maybe your hubby would like that! I would say buy a model, try it for a bit, and maybe buy another based on how you felt about that one. You can only really know what kindof material or size you like once you’ve tried it!
    For me I was only able to get used to the aneros after just relaxing with it in me for a while.. I usually play some hypnotic audio in the background to really calm me down and eventually the aneros just starts doing amazing things on its own! After enough practice I’m able to control it a bit for, so I’d say maybe give him some time to try it alone, and then join him after a bit.
    I definitely do love dirty talk.. For me just having a soft powerful voice commanding me on how to feel just makes me feel absolute bliss. Really it’s just all about experimenting, but I’m sure after not long you’ll have it figured out!

  2. First of all bless your heart for being a sex posative wife. I have 2 aneros models and the wife doesnt know about them, she would freak and think I was gay or some shit, if she found them, she also doesnt masterbate . The Progasm is quite large and doesnt move much , I also have a smaller aneros that will really move back and forth as you do kegals. So I would reccomend getting a couple of different sizes and then lube them up and insert them for him and be there with him , hell love the super orgasm with the aneros in.

  3. Great post!

    My wife and I do have sessions together. Sometimes it’s a precursor to her pegging me and the Aneros will act like a butt plug of sorts except with a lot of great feelings. Other times it’s just me using the Aneros and her helping me along. During our sessions together she will sit behind me and I’ll rest the back of my head on her pussy mound. That way she has full access to my nipples and can stroke my chest. In this position I usually put on a cock ring so she can watch my cock leak precum like there’s no tomorrow. She likes that a lot!

    I have three models. The Helix Syn, the Maximus Trident and the Progasm. My favourite is the Maximus, it’s smaller then the Progasm and offers a lot more movement.

    I hope you guys have a ton of good time!

  4. I’ve never understood the couples play with an aneros. I’m married. My wife doesn’t know about my 3 aneros. She’d ask questions as to why I have it but after explanation I’m pretty positive she’d be ok. We also have a very active sex life (not swingers, we just have a lot of good fun sex together), so for me the aneros isn’t because I don’t get it. I started using one because I spend about 90 nights a year in hotels for work. I literally do nothing but eat dinner and watch tv for those 90 nights. So I decided to try this journey and boy am I happy I did.

    Anyways. I’m 9 mo in. I’ve only had 2 super O’s but over the past few months I’m consistently having very heavy p waves and rock hard erection mini o’s. It’s a lot of fun. Right now it takes me about 35-45mins to start to O or P. While I was learning, it was 2-3hr sessions. Which isn’t that uncommon.

    I’m telling you all of this because don’t expect to pop this in and it’s multiple orgasm time. There’s a lot of training until you get there. I guess I can see once you’ve mastered the aneros how it could be a couples toy (maybe that’s when I’ll tell my wife), but the training takes focus and time. I hear masters hitting p waves and feelings within minutes. I’ve gone from 3hrs to 35mins. So I think it’s possible. But no one wants 3hr foreplay if you’re going to use it together.

    So my advice is that you may need to try a few models. Even though he likes stretching, this is about prostate stim and rewriting. I suggest a Helix or MGX. Which are medium to standard size. They will be a bit filling but also move around a lot. Lots of lube. More than you think. For a dildo you want enough to get it in and out. For an aneros you want to suspend the toy in your add and allow it to move around on its own. No friction. Next is to turn him on to this sub and to the aneros general discussion forums on aneros site. Do lots of reading. Understand this. Then give him hours alone. Without you. Doors shut. Maybe some porn. Maybe some music. Maybe total darkness (I’ve had to experiment with all those). And give him lots of time to have sessions. For a few months at least.

    Once he can consistently get prostate pleasure alone, then you can join in. I bet it’ll be lots of fun. But be patient.

  5. Kudos to you for wanting to introduce your husband to Aneros!! For an Aneros newbie I would recommend a Helix Trident. This model allows good movement and also has good pressure on the prostate. Remember that learning to utilize the Aneros takes time. It isn’t a quick process for most people. And it is designed to work hands free using your body’s natural muscle movement to massage the prostate. With time it will move on it’s own once the body becomes used to it. One piece of advice I can give is to have him do kegel exercises 3 times a day. Also reverse kegels. (Pushing out) The more you exercise these muscles the more responsive they become. ( It also helps women 🙂 Any questions feel free to ask !!

  6. Hi, I recommend you buy a dildo you can use manually and let you peg him and a prostate massager as aneros (look on comments, also on aneros forum for choose one).
    Test them and enjoy, later you will know if you wanna test another models if no success or trying found new sensation.
    But you should buy only one and see how it works.
    About the dildo the same recommendation, look for one common and later you could test another if he need /wanna bigger, shorter, doble side dildo..

    Mm, there are a device, I don’t remember the name, similar to Female g spot stimulator , Njoy Pure Wand how is said to work great. I have no experience with it.

  7. As a gay man I love women who play with boy butts. Why should men only get to play with holes. I like the Helix cause I also like a fuller feeling. That said it’s a lot of hard work to get an android to give you a prostate orgasm. I find that I lost interest once it became work. I use this now

    It’s amazing. Stays in easy. And just moving slightly gives me waves. My husband too. One of us will have it in while we fuck the other and it’s insane. We also use dildo harness to keep one in but that’s a bigger commitment. We find these are so much easier to achieve a big O with. I also recommend a ducking machine cause the consistency and pace can get me to big O in about 15-20 min.

    All that said I think Aneros are great for relaxing and pre play warming up. Or something to tickle you after a good hard anal fuck.

  8. So Aneros, from my perspective, isnt really about stretching or fullness. While the Progasm will offer that all of the models have their unique characteristics.

    My recommendation would be a Helix Syn Trident to use as something to train and a Progasm for what he wants.

    I would also recommend he reads Mantak Chia’s The MultiOrgasmic Man. It does a really good job of articulating what encapsulates a multiorgasmic man.

    I have 8 aneros models so I feel Im pretty well versed in this type of prostate massager.

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