Not sure if I’m squirting urine or something else

Hi everyone!

I’m just getting back into using my aneros helix syn after a long break. I’m at the point where I can consistently make myself leak… Something after a long period of contractions. Can’t tell if it’s urine or not (doesn’t smell as bad, iirc).

I’ve also recently tried the “Do nothing” approach and I definitely felt some wave-like feelings throughout my whole body a few times along with almost drifting to sleep from how relaxed I was. Would this new direction be a better advised direction as opposed to sticking with contractions? Maybe I’m squeezing too hard?


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  1. Two ways to tell, take some between your fingers and slowly separate them. If it forms trails (think saliva), it’s prostatic fluid, which is good.
    If its just a liquid, it’s probably pee, but that’s very rare as long as you empty your bladder prior to playing.

    Second way is the taste test. If it had a mild sweet to no flavor, it’s prostatic fluid. If its slightly salty, it’s pee.

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