Difficulty relaxing, not feeling much

So I have had about 6 sessions so far. I have been trying deep breathing and kegels with the Helix syn. I can feel it touching my prostate if i play with my muscles but nothing comes from that. If i focus more on relaxing, the only passive feelings I get are my heartbeat felt through the toy. Every time something starts up, I get distracted thinking of something completely unrelated or I hear a noise that gets me off track. I just can’t get my mind to STOP doing that. I have tried sleeping with it in as well which was fully comfortable, but didn’t lead to anything pleasurable.

Does anyone have tips to relax for someone who is wayyyy too active and can’t focus. I can’t use weed as others have suggested due to my job either.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/dr8r73/difficulty_relaxing_not_feeling_much/


  1. I suffer from the same issue and the only advice I can give is to keep practicing. Eventually you will settle into a routine where relaxation becomes easier and easier. The feelings will be better if you abstain from ejaculation too.

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