First experiences

Hi, today my helix trident will arrives. Since 6 days I was looking forward and I stopped fapping for this special day. My expectations maybe are too high, but my horniness are too. Today’s evening I got about 6 hours without someone in the flat.
All things will be lubed up and hopefully it will be a good experience. I am open for all tips! If you want I can post some video or pics using it. Stay tuned friends!!!



  1. Try different positions with it in until it can bring you some pleasure? Also pressing a vibrator on your taint can be a ton of fun. If you want a HFO it is hard (for me at least) you just have to be relaxed and focus on having a good time not the end goal.

  2. I have it for about a week now. As said earlier, keep expectations low at first. It’s not some kind of magical machine that gives you mind blowing orgasms the second you put it in. (Those will come later). If you’re new to the whole anal thing, just get used to all the new sensations.

    I didn’t feel anything in particularly the first session. But it feels good nonetheless 🙂

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