Can the Helix Syn be too small?

I’ve recently been trying mine out again but I’m not having much luck achieving any lasting sensations. The first time I put it in the other day, I had a mild sensation that resulted in a boner, but that slowly disappeared. It felt more like I could feel my heartbeat. The past couple of times I’ve tried, I’ve had nothing though.

My muscles seemed fairly relaxed (I think). The only other thing I can think of is that I haven’t felt properly horny in a long time, but I’d have thought the sensation alone would help with that. Could the toy itself be too small? I know the helix syn is an beginners one.


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  1. The toy is definitely not too small. Are you new to prostate play? It takes awhile to “rewire” your body to appreciate prostate sensations. What has worked best for me is to have regular sessions and to abstain from ejaculation.

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