First Time [Probable] Prostate Sensation: Holy Cow, What Just Happened?

I… I am simply trying to grasp what happened. Sorry this is long but I need to type this out.

Introduction. Bought an Aneros years ago. Couldn’t figure out how to enjoy it properly. Put it away for a few years, brought it back out every once in awhile to try again but still, no luck. About 2 months ago I decided to really put some effort into it, really practice, so I started placing it in during the later evening and just relaxing. Vaping some weed, sitting on the couch and just letting myself be.

Then for the first time ever, after about an hour or so, I felt something. Something different. It didn’t feel good per se, but it was a sensation in a region of my body I never had felt before. The first few times I did this, I thought, “I’m just high, this is all in my head. I’m pretending this sensation is there.” But with more times just sitting there with it in and high, it started pinpointing it more. One night, I had dozed off with it in, and suddenly woke up to something pulsing underneath. It was pleasurable, and I suddenly realized that this was not in my head. Went and sat on my bed and just let it happen. It felt good, but I didn’t feel rushed. You know how when you’re stimulating your penis, and it feels so damn good, but if you stop, it just feels… wrong somehow? Like it’s almost upsetting, you HAVE to keep going or you’re the experience will not be worth it? You just NEED to keep going? This sensation is different. It’s like, and I’m synesthetic so bare with me here, penile sensation is sharp, pointed and linear: it demands more and more. But this new sensation? It felt more circular, spherical, like a soft bubble floating up from the depths and pushing my insides. I didn’t care if it increased, it just felt really nice. For years I had never understood how my wife (and other women) could say that sex felt great *even if they didn’t orgasm*. It just didn’t make sense! How could you not want to finish? Doesn’t it make you feel antsy, almost angry if you don’t?

*I understood now.* Again, this sensation wasn’t linear. It just felt *good.* Instead of approaching the sensation like a man, I essentially pretended that I was a woman, setting my expectations not on the end, but the ride itself. It completely shifted my perspective and understanding.

On and off for awhile, kept trying, having some mild luck here and there. Found it difficult to replicate but still knew, *finally*, that this wasn’t fake or a made-up story on the internet. I wanted to keep trying.

Then queue today. Was alone in the house, started masturbating but stopped. Didn’t want to finish because I knew my wife and I would probably sleep together tonight and didn’t want to spoil my energy or desire by taking care of myself. So instead I went into my room and thought, I could use some light sensation, maybe my wife’s magic wand. Started off working my penis, kept edging and then pulling away. Eventually started working my way downward, just to try, thinking like I was transferring the energy to my lower region. Well suddenly, I started feeling myself shake. I started having these pleasurable feelings, *really* pleasurable, and I suddenly realized that I was flaccid. No erection but pleasure was still washing over me. It just dawned on me what was happening, and the moment I realized that the sensation was not coming from my penis, the pleasure *increased*. And increased. Uncontrollable shaking. Practically uncontrollable vocalizations. Feeling like I had *absolutely no control or say* over what was happening and *loving* it (I’m getting revved up and feeling it again just typing this). Continuosly feeling a sudden buildup deep inside approaching me and thinking “omg, here it comes again!”

No discernable orgasm but I feel SO HAPPY anyways. Giddy. Feeling like I CANNOT WAIT to do it again, this time with my Aneros inserted. And seriously, I keep asking myself, was that real? Did that actually just happen?

I can’t even think about anything else right now. I’m not at home by myself now and so I’ll have to wait, but I just CANNOT STOP THINKING about it. I still feel this sensation deep inside that is making me shake every time I focus on it.

Is this it? Can you confirm for me? Did I finally have a breakthrough and experience full-on prostate stimulation? It felt so incredible and I can’t even imagine where it goes from here.



  1. Sounds like you’re there. The sensations are wonderful. Your previous sessions were training your body to process what’s going on. For most of us it’s a journey of progressing sensations and then it happens. And from here on it will become better and better. The more you do it, the better it is.

  2. Welcome to the world of non-ejaculatory prostate orgasms. And,yes, it gets better!!

  3. Congrats on your progress! Really happy for you, seriously.

    One thing that stood out to me was your description of penile stimulation. I love to edge and edge. It feels amazing even if I don’t orgasm. I think I may have rewired myself to feel that round sort of feeling through penile stimulation. It felt like that since before I started prostate play. Maybe that’s why I get nothing from prostate stimulation. Going on hmm 13 years? And barely getting anything remotely close to that feeling when using anal/prostate toys. Weed included.

  4. Oh my God, it happened last night. Went from my first p-waves 2 weeks ago to a full-on Super-O and my life will never be the same. Long again but for the same reason, I just need to get this out.

    Was relaxing on the couch with the Aneros in, had some weed with quite a high THC content. The strain seemed to be having a sensory effect on me: muscles kept shaking, was having difficulty keeping still. Took a second hit and went to my bed. I started using the magic wand to run up and down my pernium like before with the Aneros vibrating sightly while doing so. Pretty soon the lower body twitching started and I knew I was on the right track.

    Not sure how, or why, but something suddenly clicked. I had been slowly runing the wand up and down my pernium, basically hunting out the spot. And suddenly I found it. It felt like, how do I put this, it felt like my mind just suddenly started to lose control: it was scary and exciting all at once. If I had to make an analogy, it was like carefully walking on a ledge. To your left is solid ground. And to your right, the ledge slopes downward into a large funnel to “somewhere.” As you’re walking (that’s me running the wand up and down my pernium), there’s a point where you suddenly realize that the slope to your right is increasing, and you’re slipping. You’re slipping down into the funnel and the farther you start to slip the more you realize that you’re losing control and gravity is just going to pull you in, and you *cannot stop* from falling. That was the orgasm starting, and farther and faster I fell until it just… seriously, I don’t have words. I felt my entire body lock up, pleasure slamming full force into me. Couldn’t yell, couldn’t stop it, just had to *accept it*. Just floated right there, locked in.

    And then. Suddenly the same orgasm just erupted to another level and I swear it felt like I was being smeared out of my known existence. The sensation had somehow *massively* increased (how is that possible?) and now I was just frozen like a statue, entire body was literally vibrating. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even take a breath, blood rushing to my head and reality as I know it has faded away. It was like being in a car with the windows closed, holding a balloon in your hand and then when the car is going 60. Now imagine that someone then opens the window and the balloon, still tethered by the string, slips out of the car window and just starts flapping around like CRAZY in the wind, banging against the door as the wind rips across, no control and barely a sense of what is happening. *That* is what this felt like, just being shoved right out of what I understood to be real. It wasn’t even… I mean I wouldn’t even classify it as strictly a sexual feeling. Sexual visions were what motivated it, but the feeling was just so DIFFERENT. If I didn’t already know what I had done to get there, I would have swore I was having a seizure.

    Eventually I literally ran out of breath and fell back to earth. And that’s where the night begins to blur. Had a “regular” big gigantic dry O after that, now just beside myself that this is actually happenening. Then had another. And another. At this point I am exhausted, physically, emotionally, etc and I kept thinking, “I cannot take one more, it’s just too much.” I’m sweating, I’m out of breath, my mouth is dry, etc. But every time I thought I was done, that I wanted to be done, I could feel my body *telling me to do it again*. DO IT AGAIN. And so I did, again and again. I don’t even know how many times I did it, I lost track and didn’t even care.

    Eventually I realized that I needed to do something or I seriously wasn’t going to be able to stop doing this the rest of the night, so I tried to masturbate. Had to get myself at least a little hard and worked at it, but my prostate wasn’t done. In the midst of stroking my penis, without vibration this time mind you, my prostate took over and just SLAMMED into me again. Here I am, pulling the sexual equivalent of the emergency exit door and my body isn’t letting me. Kept trying and once again could feel it building inside. It hit me again, only this time by sheer force of will I ejaculated too. Penile and prostate orgasm together. I felt… harmonious. Finally calmed down enough to fall asleep.

    Today I was just trying to comprehend it all. I don’t mince words here when I say that this experience changed me. It was profound. It was like glimpsing into another layer of existence and having it pull you in full force for a kiss, only letting you go when it was good and ready. And as bewildered as I am about the experience, I still can’t understand the mechanics of it. How in the world does a meek little organ, something that until a month ago had ZERO sensation, make your entire nervous system just go haywire with pleasure?

    How do I tell my psychologist this week that “I finally feel like I can love myself because the world split open at my anus?”

    So much more to say, so much more to experience now that I can do it. Cannot believe that this is real and actually happened.

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