My Body notices — But I dont!

Ok so I’ve been getting into prostate stimulation for about a year and a half now.
Only recently have I gotten to the point where i get “the shakes”. I’ve gotten it with an Aneros, as well as with other toys.
I actually shake pretty violently, and I’m pretty sure I had a full body orgasm at one point.
I say “pretty sure”, because i started shaking more and more, until I shook really violently and then it kind of subsided.
The problem is, I didn’t feel any pleasure!
It was like my body was moving ahead of me and having a grand old time, but my brain didn’t send out any pleasure stimulants.
Does anyone recognize this, and what do you suggest I do? I’m worried my prostate is “broken” in the way where I don’t feel the pleasure everyone else is feeling. Or maybe I’m just impatient/not relaxed enough/not focusing on the right thing?I’d appreciate any advice!



  1. Don’t worry, you’re not broken! I have/still am experiencing exactly the same thing you are; I talked about in a previous [post](

    When I started out I would twitch, shake and convulse, but with no feeling of pleasure at all. The more sessions I have the more pleasure started to sneak in and build up, until last night I had my first prostate/mini-orgasms!!

    Stick with it, be patient, and keep relaxing. You’ll start to get there!
    u/kindalikethesmell wrote a great post about [his method]( Using that really helped me tune into what’s happening in my body.

  2. Yeah… this is part of the learning process. I used to shake a lot. Now I don’t at all. Think of it like lifting weights or something.

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