Lessons learned, never use soap

I bought my first aneros, though I have used cheap anal vibrators in the past with no pleasure despite extracting pre-cum (and a flaccid dick). However, when I inserted this aneros for the first time, I did not even feel it slide in and I actually felt full body pleasure that people talk about and got a rock hard penis without touching myself…for about 10 seconds

I made a stupid mistake I had previously read about and touched my penis for a couple strokes and shakes. Big mistake, because the pleasures left me. Since I was in the shower, I took it out, washed it off, rubbed it with soap for lube…and put it back in………yeeeaaa no. Worst thing I could have done! My ass stung like I ate a bowl of chili peppers the previous day.

The worst part is, ever since then, maybe three weeks ago, each time I put it in, I haven’t felt pleasure and if anything, a lingering burning sensation.

What can I do to earn back the trust of my body? I know it takes a lot of relaxation, but I am wondering what I might be able to do in addition to that?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/duk659/lessons_learned_never_use_soap/


  1. Use soap as a lube is a bad idea because it dries up. I would do nothing back there for at least a week so it heals. Then I recommend you using organic coconut oil; it’s the best. Take in consideration it cannot be used with condoms since it can break them. Enjoy next time!

  2. I’m a bit of a masochist, so sometimes I intentionally put soap up my butt. Any soreness or irritation should be completely gone within a day, 2 days tops. So reassure yourself that it’s all in your head. However, it’s not uncommon for people to find the aneros itself uncomfortable when they’re still new to it. The excitement of it being new may have overpowered the initial discomfort, and now you just have the discomfort to get over. You’ve also now got high expectations and disappointment to deal with. Chasing that feeling is counterproductive. If you’re feeling frustrated during a session, either call it there and try again later, or drop your expectations and try to draw satisfaction from where you are.

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