1. So I’m yet to be successful with my aneros, so you might want to take this with a grain of salt, but I’m currently finding more success by watching videos before putting the aneros in, and then turning them off and only focusing on the sensations when it’s in.

  2. I prefer binaural beats. Basically two tones, one in each ear, that are just ever so slightly off. Helps me feel more meditative and drown out any background noises like cars or the neighbors dog.

  3. No stimulation required. Close your eyes. Think about the feelings. Aneros is not sexual. The feelings that will brings about orgasm are tied to stimulating nerves that build tension. The orgasm is the release of that tension. Zero sexual stimulation is required. Think about the pleasure associated with a pwave. Think about what it feels like… you will inherently start to feel one building. Focus on that feeling. Don’t think about orgasm. Just focus on the feelings. You will notice pressure building in your prostate. Think about it more. You will feel mild euphoria. A smile will grace your face without you trying to make it appear. Think More About the pleasure. You will begin to feel giddy. Stay relaxed. Think more about the pleasure. When you feel you can’t take the tension any longer, your body will either contract deeply or simply fall into the orgasm. When it does, gently squeeze your pc muscles. Hold that contraction. No fantasy, no audio, no images are required. This is just like masturbating except you are using your mind to stimulate the nerves instead of your hand and you dont need any external sexual stimulation. I can bring on a prostate o at any time on command. Don’t let others convince you about all this pre session prep, thc, poppers, gonewildaudio, binaural Beats, etc. It’s entirely a misdirection and completely irrelevant to the process.

  4. I actually find things way more on the vanilla end way more stimulating (which is insane for me because I’ve been way off on the hardcore end for so long). Once I start to feel the waves, I close my eyes and listen to the sounds, so videos where there’s a lot of moaning or really audible noises have quickly become a favorite. IFM (I feel myself) is really good with this. Would suggest having a good pair of headphones for this.

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