Doesn’t have the proper bend/angle to stimulate prostate.

I purchased the Eupho Syn…(I think it’s ridiculous how there’s so many different models), and i can’t get it to rest on my prostate. It just seems like it’s not bent enough. If I manually roll it forward, as to put pressure on my P, I can feel it strongly. But when i try it hands free I don’t feel anything. Maybe my prostate is more towards the front than normal. I wanted some strong sensations but this is just a plug. It doesn’t stimulate my prostate AT ALL…And how the hell do they charge $60 for this… Does anyone know of a prostate massager that actually stimulates the prostate?



  1. I’m think I’ve got a similar problem. I can’t tell whether it’s resting on the prostate or not (maybe because I’m too inexperienced), but there is certainly no particular feeling to indicate that it is.

    But what’s more obvious is that the P-Tab is far too removed from the skin to make contact with my perineum, so even if I could find my “sweet spot” I can’t use it.

    Unless I’m using my aneros wrongly in some way, I might just conclude it’s not fit for use.

  2. The aneros is intended to be pretty subtle. The whole ‘hands off super-o’ deal is about getting the muscles to twitch and kinda ‘dance’ over the prostate while you’re in a practically meditative mindset. Long slow and a huge learning curve. It’s not really my thing although I do have 2 aneros and I like them as plugs etc..

    If you really want to go to town I’d suggest the N-joy wand. If that doesn’t do it for you you’ll have to get a fucking machine.

  3. This is a process and it can take time. I was lucky in that I had good results in a month or so but while not gay I’ve had a LOT of stuff in my ass. Lube up a finger and stick it in your ass and physically find your prostate. Push on it, rub it, get to know what it feels like and what sensations you get when you manually stimulate it.

    I’ve got three, Progasm Black Ice, Helix Trident, and a High Island Health PS-New which is the equivalent of the MGX. All of these give me good results. The Progasm is the most reliable but sometimes it’s one of the other two.

    I recommend getting a HelixSyn or a Helix Trident and try again. This is usually considered the best beginner tool. You may have to try a couple or a few but something will flip your switch and when it gets flipped you’ll be glad you took the time to get there.



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