Are you supposed to bend the P-Tab to accommodate your body?

I dunno whether I have more skin than usual on my perineum or something, but the P-Tab, as it came, is simply cushioned by my perineum and doesn’t do anything in terms of sensation.

I can’t imagine everyone has the same amount of skin down there, so are you supposed to bend the P-Tab so it properly puts pressure on your perineum? I don’t wanna mess up my Aneros. :c



  1. Absolutely.

    Play around down there a bit (a partner helps) until you find your “sweet spot”, as they say. Then modify your toy to target it. Might need a heat source (I’ve used a torch lighter, but a heat gun or blow-dryer seems better in retrospect), to get the plastic pliable. Especially if the tab needs to come in more.

  2. It’s mostly just a mechanical lever that acts as a spring so the insertable part has something to rock against. Just place it gently, relax and let it do its thing. It will guide itself into optimal placement eventually.

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