My story so far. Haven’t achieved HFO or P-gasm yet. Any advice is welcomed

So this is my story. I will sum It up because it is the first time I post on this subreddit.

I bought an Aneros Helix Trident to start practicing. Some people has, since then, told me to buy toys that cost hundreds, and I won’t spend that much money. But I purchased my Aneros Helix Trident for 35 bucks and I’m willing to buy a new one, either the Progasm Jr., or the Eupho Trident. Please, all the nJoy Wand crew, don’t try it, I wont spend that amount of money. Also I want my hands free, as for me is not confortable to manipulate the toy while trying to enjoy.

That being said, this has been my experience so far with the Helix Trident. I’ve been practicing since April-may, and I have had pleasurable sessions… that always leave me sore. They usually last 1 to 1,5h, and I try to not be harsh with my kegerator movements… But it doesn’t get me to the great sensations, and I can’t empty my prostate properly, so I end up pretty uncomfortable unless I masturbate afterwards. But even then, the soreness is there for some days…

Aside from the inside soreness, there’s this pressure of the p-tab that, after long sessions, ends up hurting me on my perineum. I’m not sure if I should, with heat, try to move this p-tab to not press so heavily on my perineum. Also I’m afraid that pressure will damage my nerves and take away sensitivity of my penis. I’ve already experienced a bit of sensitivity loss in my penis, so… Should I modify the p-tab?

After all this time, I feel like all progress is already made and I won’t experience anything more. Maybe the Helix is not for me and I should purchase another Aneros, either Progasm Jr or the Eupho. What do you think guys? I know this post is not as explanatory as it should be, but you can ask whatever you want to help me with, and I’ll try to be more clear.

Thank you.



  1. I had a few similar problems with the Helix when i started, particularly with the p-tap digging a bit too sharply and the sensations not going very far.

    I already had some experience with anal play so i decided to get the Progasm Jr. If anything, the slight size up did help me with the sensation part. Also, the p-tab of the Progasm is somewhat rounder and less sharp than the Helix, so i never really experience any sorenes there during a regular seasion (1-2 hours)

    Dont quote me on this but i think the greater area of contact between the Progasm and the prostatesorta preads around the pressure on the area and leads to less soreness, just a theory.

    I still use my Helix from time to time but i get my best experiences with the Progasm Jr nowdays. I would tottaly recomend, just make sure to use lots of lube and take things a bit slower of yer not too experienced with anal play.

  2. Buy some packets of Sugru, it’s a moldable rubber that dies after an hour or so, you can use it on the Ptab to mold a softer and wider contact area. Helped me with my original Helix that was digging deal and hard.

  3. It’s a bit unfair to Njoy but you can find really similar copies of their Pure Wand on aliexpress or wish for some twenty bucks…

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