Can you have a-less super o before a regular one?

Tonight, I feel like I was so close to an a-less super o, but I thought “wow, if it’s this good without a toy, I should put the toy in”. But it never got back to that level, and I ended up with a mediocre wank as usual (even if I get better tingles each time, it’s still paltry). I feel like I got so close to the edge once (higher than usual dose of lube and weed) that I was michael jackson leaning from the edge, and yet my mammoth swole ankle tendons similarly lifted me back up from the cliff. How can I remove the metaphorical shoes notched into rods on the stage and let myself do a tumble?



  1. I find it very easy to focus on and build my prostate pleasure when I am unplugged and just sitting, relaxing, fantasizing, focusing on the feelings. When playing with a toy I can make myself feel really good but I find it harder to focus on just the prostate and to keep it aroused in the same way.

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