Technique issues on first use

Just had my first go at it. Wasn’t really planning to have a proper sesh. I was just trying to see if I could get it in place and maybe get any sensation out of my prostate at all.

I’ve got the Helix Trident Syn. Surprisingly no trouble getting it in as deep as it could go, but unfortunately it slips out very pretty often thereafter. Am I supposed to hold it in the whole time with my anus muscles? Do I just have a huge rectum? D:

Haven’t been able to find the “sweet spot” for the P-Tab. 🙁 Feels pretty much the same all the way up and down the perineum.

Not sure if I had the head at the correct depth. Surely everyone’s prostate isn’t at the same depth? I wasn’t able to feel much of internally. Most of the sensation was coming from the anus, even when doing Kegels.

Gotta admit though it’s kinda novel just sitting there even if I’m doing it wrong lol



  1. I also have the Helix Syn Trident. For me it doesn’t slip out, I actually have more trouble pulling it out again haha.

    First session I also didn’t feel anything. But you can’t really just do a session in between lots of other activities, it requires some dedicated time where you can get super relaxed.

  2. It takes time for things to feel good down there. The Aneros shouldn’t be in as far as it can go, the thinnest part of the neck should be resting against your anus. There’s probably a some diagrams on the aneros website.

  3. If think you’re overthinking things. I haven’t shared my experiences in my first three sessions with the HST here yet, but it’s an interesting journey to say the least.

    Try to take your time for a proper session, relax, and focus on what you’re feeling instead of what you’re not feeling. Don’t forget to relax. The depth is fine, don’t worry, it will find its way. Did I mention you have to relax?

  4. I totally agree with most of the comments here about relaxation and taking your time, and it normally not coming out. Never had that happen!

    Speaking of which, how much lube did you use? It’s possible you were actually using a little more than necessary, which could explain why it wouldn’t stay in. The only other things I could think of are, possible you weren’t cleaned out (so it was being pushed out a bit), you’re kinda stretched out down there, or you have unusual anatomy (odds are against that). The toy normally “finds” the right depth.

    As for the less than spectacular results, that’s normal for the first session. Especially if you didn’t really prepare for it… you might not have been relaxed enough, or rushed without realizing it. (Allow 30-45 min at least for a session.) If you didn’t, try cleaning out beforehand, that can make a big difference.

    After insertion and relaxing, try doing contractions as suggested in the Aneros Wiki (linked from their website): []( Lots of other good stuff there. And don’t give up, at least not yet. Good luck to you!

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