Shipping Options?

Is it possible to ship to something like a UPS store without having them leave a notice it’s ready to pick up? My last search on Amazon for Aneros came up empty, but before that, all Aneros items I found were ineligible for shipment to an Amazon locker. I haven’t found any Aneros items locally, either, so this seems to be my only option.



  1. I think UPS does this with “pay to hold” options. Funny enough a local insurance company offered to accept personal packages to prevent holiday theft. Maybe call yours and see if they’ll do it? 🙂

  2. I have done this with UPS Store, just enter the stores shipping address when you order instead of your own address. I was able to track the package and know when it was going to arrive and I would reach out to that store to let them know to expect a package from me. I had to pay $5 to pick it up.

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