Progasm first time

So I ordered a progasm ice and it arrived a few days ago. I will start by saying I have plenty of experience with anal in general and have no problem finding my spot and putting on pressure with an njoy wand. I first tried my progasm in the morning after waking up so probably not the best time. The problem i’m having is the progasm ice does not seem to reach my prostate or it does not seem to pressure it enough as I dont seem to be feeling it on my spot when doing kegals. Could too many kegals over years make the muscles too strong. I have no idea but I really didnt feel it hit my spot at all.


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  1. The Progasm Ice doesn’t move much as some Aneros models, even with strong contractions. I don’t think it’s that your muscles are too strong, but you’re just expecting them to do something they really can’t with this model. It can take some time to feel the pressure, and strong contractions early might be counterproductive.

    But it’s pretty big, so almost certainly, it is in fact hitting your spot… but perhaps not in a way that is obvious (at least at first). When I use it, I don’t often feel much at first, but it slowly builds, and eventually kind of sneaks up on me. Then all of a sudden I realize I’m about to cum. But that can take an hour or more.

    Maybe after inserting, try relaxing first, before even beginning contractions, to let yourself get used to it. Start with slow contractions and hold them, then gradually increase the contraction strength and duration. Also, be clean so nothing obstructs it. And maybe try using even more lube than normal. Finally, you might try a smaller model (or smaller toy) first in a session, then move up to the Progasm, that helps me sometimes. Keep trying, and good luck!

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