Anyone have an mgx trident? Feel like I’m so close to a super O but have yet to succeed

Aneros is having a great Black Friday sale on select models but I already own the helix syn trident, the progasm, the Maximus and the eupho that are listed. The mgx trident did however spark my interest and I want to know what some people think about it, and if they’ve had super O’s from using this model. I’ve been an aneros user for almost a year already and I’ve been making steady progress, I still have yet to experience my first super O unfortunately but I think I’m on the right track. I seem to have the most luck with smaller models like the helix and the eupho, but I just can’t seem “cross the finish line” per se, and so I’m hoping a new model might provide me with a super O but wanna make sure it’s worth the purchase



  1. Same here. I get the full body hump but can’t get the O. The thrusting feels great just no O

  2. A different model is always fun because it adds a new sensation due to the new shape of the device. I really like the MGX Trident, the ribbed stem seems to add something, maybe it’s jus t mental, but it just feeels goooddd! Remember, it’s not the toy, it is learning your body.

  3. Yes, the MGX is my favorite of all the models. It’s close to their Classic which was my first. (I haven’t got the MGX Syn version, just the white plastic one… waiting for the Syn to go on sale).

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