I rather suck at this.

After that one warmish maybe-P-wave incident, nothing much has happened since then. That was about 7 sessions ago give-or-take.

I just lie there, relaxed, breathing diaphragmatically, trying to keep my mind clear, and listening for any sensation down there. Nada. Not a peep of involuntary movement. By the time my 60 minute timer is up I’m usually starting to doze off. šŸ˜‘

I tried to do as described in [this thread](https://www.aneros.com/community/forum/general-discussion/9641-the-truth-behind-how-to-rewire) from the Aneros forums, but the only part of my body that responds is my balls now, so that’s no use.

I gotta change something up. I’ve gone over the Wiki a fair bit but I find it’s a bit scant on what you should do at what level, and I’m clearly still a newbie.

Can anyone recommend some changes I can implement that might make things move along a bit more, or at least make them more interesting? So little is happening I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something very wrong with how I’m approaching using my Aneros.

I know you’re not supposed to expect anything, but let’s be real, before you start you should at least make sure the way you intend to practice is conducive to something *possibly* happening.


[PS: My sole Aneros is a Helix Syn Trident]

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/e58sup/i_rather_suck_at_this/


  1. I managed to get that Calm Sea Orgasm twice so far. Every time I look at the clock, and it always after 3 hours session.

    I also don’t have that much time, so every 1-1.5 hour session is mostly same experience like yours.

  2. I highly recommend getting a copy of Hypnaerosession.mp3 to listen to during your session. Headphones are best. You can order it directly from the aneros website. It’s well worth the $20 price tag. It greatly helped me get my head in the right space. That and a little bit of cannabis (it’s legal where I live)

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