Prostate orgasm when does it end


Pretty new to all this prostate play. I’m doing it solo with the helix trident. Today was the first day i felt like i was doing it right. I was pushing and pulling the toy in and out with my muscles. I would start to kinda shake and more parts of my body started to twitch (kinda). After moving like that for a little i had trouble realizing if i orgasmed or if i was just shaking. It didn’t feel as good as when i orgasm from jerking off. Idk if i should have keep doing it for longer or if that was it and to stop and what’s the super o and how would i achieve one??



  1. I always thought when you start shaking and thrusting you are working up to the big o

  2. Keep at it. That feeling you had will only get better. You may eventually have a hand-free orgasm, then there will be no doubt. But that can take some time and practice. If you’re ready to end your session before that happens, and you’re still horny, try jerking off with the toy still in you, it may be more intense than a regular orgasm. Definitely works for me.

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