MGX or return to old Progasm?

About a year ago I had a Progasm that has since left me. I had made decent progress but no orgasm, mainly just some quite pleasurable waves. I could tell an orgasm wasn’t too far away though.For a number of reasons I stopped, and now want to return.

*Should I buy another Progasm considering it kind of worked for me? Or would a different model be a better choice to get (possibly) faster progress? I was thinking the MGX trident…*



  1. The MGX Classic was my first Aneros model about 12 years ago, and the MGX is still my go-to most of the time. (I also have the Progasm, and use it occasionally). I liked the MGX well enough that I also bought the Trident model as soon as it came out. It’s much more mobile than the Progasm, so once you get the hang of it, you can control it (and it will also control you)… the resulting feelings are awesome. Highly recommended. I don’t think you’d regret buying it.

  2. I have the max and Eupho tridents the Device and the HIH 950.I would never throw any of them away but the Helix trident syn is an awsome piece of work in my opinion.

  3. Helix Trident seems to be the recommended device for starters. Not too big or too small, good motion. It was my first and I’m still happy with it. I have three Aneri and they all have their time and place.



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