Girlfriend fucked me hard with my aneros

This story takes place this morning. Enjoy.

My girlfriend who I switch with decided I couldn’t masturbate or even touch myself for 6 days. Normally I would wear a chastity cage but she said she wanted to see if I could do it without it. During the 6 days I touched myself once with her permission and twice without it (I later told her). On day 5 she made me wear my aneros toy when I drove to her house. Her house is 40 minutes away, I could feel the toy anytime I drove over a bump. When i got to her house she started out by teasing me. She lightly traced her fingers over my back and stomach as I lied on her bed. My skin is super sensitive because of a medication so this got me hard almost immediately. She then pulled my joggers and briefs down and started fucking me roughly with the aneros. This was the hardest she had ever fucked me with it and it felt so amazing. I was moaning like crazy. She stopped and started a few times keeping me on edge the whole time. At this point I was so horny so I begged for her to let me cum. She agreed but said I had to make myself cum. I turned on my back and started jacking off. My gf fucked me with my aneros for a little bit but mostly watched (she loves how I look when i jack off). After a few minutes I finally finished all over myself.



  1. Not trying to shit on your parade, but there is no way for your GF to fuck you hard with an Aneros. It’s not long enough, as its far from dildo length; not to mention your nuts would have been punched to death. IJS. LMAO.

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