Tips for helping vibrating toy stay in?

I just picked up a rocks-off rude boy and tried it out for the first time. Apart from it being bigger than I expected, I had the issue of it not staying secure during my session. It is simply smooth and doesn’t have any bumps to help it stay in place, so it felt like it kept sliding out. I tried inserting it then sort of sitting on it, as well as clamping it with my legs, but it never really felt secure or that it was actually doing anything as a result. Does anyone have any tips for better hands free use of a vibrating toy?



  1. I have the same problem with the Lelo Hugo. Bad design for retention in the canal. It is possible to design a proper vibrating massager. My new Aneros Vice 2 stays put better than most of my prostate toys, and is by far the best vibrating massager out there. But no long distance control, sadly. Best remote on the market, though.

  2. You can sit on it, which I believe is what the Rude Boy was designed for. Or if you prefer to be on your back, try placing a firm pillow with a towel over it between and underneath your thighs, with the towel also under your butt. Then the toy can rest against the towel that’s stretched between your thighs and butt. The pillow and towel together help keep the toy inserted, and you can even push back against it to get some movement. Also helps elevate your butt a bit.

    Edit: BTW I had the same issues with Rude Boy so don’t use it anymore. However the towel/pillow trick helps with many other toys too.

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