Next step after Helix Trident.

Well, now I’m going to purchase my second Aneros. I’ve only had one, the Helix Trident. With that toy I’ve had great sessions and joy, but also lately it was leaving me sore and with some discomfort on my low area. I think it is a bit too big.

Few moths ago I was planning to purchase the Progasm Jr. but I definitely won’t because I don’t think bigger is better at least in my case. At first maybe I don’t notice heavily the prostate but when I get aroused, my prostate grows much bigger? And I feel like there’s no enough room. And I don’t want to injure myself.

So the two Aneros that I am considering is the Eupho, or the MGX, one of them. I feel I should’ve started with the MGX but anyways the helix has been fun anyways. It’s just that I haven’t achieved great experiences, and just once I was near of what we call a “calm sea climax”, nothing more.

My Helix is not a syn version, and I’ve been thinking that, on a Syn version the P-tab will probably hurt less on my taint. With my Helix it ends up hurting after a couple of hours. And I don’t want to damage my pudendum nerves, which go through the perineum. I’ve read that Syn versions are made of a rubber coating, and the P-tab is flexible so it bounces and it doesnt hurt as much. I love the texture of the regular Helix, but anyway, I think maybe it is time to try a Syn version.

So now I have to decide between the MGX or the Eupho to have greater sensations than with my Helix. And Syn or regular/trident version.

What is your advice? Do you think maybe the MGX is too similar to my Helix and I should get the Eupho?



  1. I think a MGX and Helix are pretty similar and personally I prefer my MGX though.

    However like you I was getting pleasure but never quite tipping over (consistently at least. I’ve had 3 super O’s but months apart). Lately though I’ve been consistently getting there and it was only after 3 mo with the Tempo. The Tempo is a lot like the euphro. Thin with lots of movement. But the stainless steel makes it super slippery and the weight rests on the prostate better.

    I recommend the Tempo. Did wonders accelerating me to the next level. Now I’m having more fun with my MGX.

    I have a Progasm too. You gotta warm up to the size. And when I put it in I get p waves within 2mins. But for me. That’s it. Just a bunch of p waves and then it gets me sore

  2. My first aneros was the Helix Syn. I later got a Progasm Ice. After a few years on and off I finally got mmo’s with the Helix Syn after thinking YOLO and cut the handle off. Only one time.

    Cut the kundulini tab off the Progasm. Feels way better but no progress.

    Months later I bought an MGX trident. I hated the kundulini tab. Cut it off. I barely feel the MGX… The thing doesn’t even press on the prostate. The tip points away.

    Months later to now I have ordered the Eupho trident white after reading recent threads. My muscles must be very strong now and I need more mobility. Will be cutting off the kundulini tab before the first use.

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