One-One chat (narrate our sessions)

Hey guys, I’m looking for a guy or two who is sexually uninhibited and wanting to talk about progasms together. We could count down the hours from our 9-5 until we can lube up and let it take control. We could remind each other to do kegels and talk about skills, tips, tricks, struggles, and how horny we are to ride the O’s.

I’d like to play together and/or separately (catch me up on your session and progress). In my mind I see it go down like this: We stick it in at the same time, do a few exercises together to warm up, talk about how we are feeling, and then branch off. If you or I are switching toys or having a lull catch me up on your session. i.e., let me know how many orgasms you’re having, what toy you’re using, and cheer each other on.

Pictures, videos, or audio calls are not mandatory we could work up to that if you’d like. But for now, I like the idea of being anonymous. Let’s face it, prostate play has a lot of stigma surrounding it. So this would be an outlet for me to just enjoy.

I am gay, live in mountain time zone (so please be a few hours +/- so we can do it after work). (age isn’t an issue as long as you’re over 18) I work 4×10’s have Saturday – Monday free. However, I am pretty busy, but can make time for sessions. I live alone, and am about intermediate to intermediate/advanced levels. I have aneros toys, dildos, and other prostate massagers… I cap out about at about an hour. 30 minute sessions are about where I want to start to jerk. If this sounds, like a fit DM me and we can talk about getting a session set up.

I don’t use my aneros THAT often, but with a little enticement (horny talk and jealousy of your progasms) I would be down to use it



  1. Honestly this is a great idea, and you’re not the only one who came up with it: I’ve thought about it many times, having someone to experience along with me. In person would be awesome, but I don’t know anyone on my city with confidence enough to experience this with.

    Yeah, I’ve thought about doing it with another person through voice chat, but unfortunately, I don’t live alone, so only a few times it could be possible for me to do it via voice chat (at 5-6PM Central Europe Time). However, I think voice chat could distract me a lot. Another possibility could be at my 2-4AM Central Europe Time), but no voice chat just text I guess?

    I am currently at a break because my prostate was beginning to be a bit sore and painful. But as soon as I start again it could be fun to do it with someone else. Disclaimer, I think I’m not reaching orgasms yet. Disclaimer 2: I only use one toy, my Aneros Helix.

    I’m happy to see another fellow redditor is open to this kind of group experiences.

  2. As shy as I am, I’d be open to this as well. I just got mine a few days ago, so I’m a beginner beginner. I’m still getting used to using it, but I would definitely love the idea of a coach or maybe someone to go through the journey with. And make it a regular thing. I’m in Europe time as well!

  3. This does sound like a pretty cool idea! I still have some difficulties when it comes to prostate orgasms with the aneros, but i have found the most success when sharing the experience with others through text, vc or vids. I just so happen to also live in the mountain time zone so that would be very convenient when it come to setting times and such. I feel I could probably learn lots from ya too so I’d still love to chat sometime regardless over on discord or skype if possible.

  4. I’d be interested. I don’t have much time either. I live in Seattle but have kids and am married to a man. But even someone to openly talk about this with could be fun. And who knows when we might be able to do a session together. I’ve done prostate massage for years and always achieve prostate orgasms. I don’t always achieve a super O but I have at times. My sessions are normally longer because it can take a while to get into the proper headspace.

  5. Great idea… Really down to try chatting during my sessions. Feeling, routines tips etc! DM with your details i would be happy to share!

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