How many guys follow a specific routine leading up to aneros sessions? Lately for me it’s been to insert an nJoy large plug at least an hour before I start and continue to go about business letting the plug warm me up. It also helps me evacuate any lingering bowels for some reason. I then take it out and typically will hit a THC pen, take a hot shower and edge for a bit in the shower, followed up with some casual porn viewing and maybe more edging. At this point I’ll insert the aneros and watch a little tv while I let it settle, then watch more porn but not touch myself at all. I’ll start to get involuntaries about 30 min in at most and at that point I’ll turn porn off and put in some wireless ear buds and listen to some binaural beats. I’ve been doing this for the past couple sessions with some moderate success. Oddly enough the best time has been when I was laying in bed next to my wife.

What have you found works and doesn’t work in terms of routine?



  1. For me it is important to have regular sessions. It’s almost like each session builds of the previous ones. I also have noticed that listening to when my body wants a session is important. If my body feels like it *needs* the Aneros inside that’s when I know it’s time. If I try and do it when I’m not in the mood it’s less likely to be as successful.

    As for what I do during a session I have been switching it up a bit lately. I used to always listen to audio porn but nowadays I find it too distracting.

  2. I found that on days that I’m going to Aneros, I tease my prostate all day with kegels. Kegels in the car, at work, at dinner, all day. Get some little p waves going through the day. By the time I finally lay down for the night my prostate is screaming “GIVE ME THE ANEROS”

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