Difference between super o and dry orgasms?

So I’ve reached a point I can have things that seem like orgasms through my dick, and it feels pretty nice but somewhat underwhelming compared to what everyone hyped it up to be. My penis goes kinda numb and I get a decent amount of pleasure. I think this is the dry orgasm? I can have multiple in each session. Anyways, I can now do it without the aneros after some practice, but is the super o different?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/eikudo/difference_between_super_o_and_dry_orgasms/

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  1. Keep going. You’re getting close. To me a dry orgasm is a bit weaker than a regular traditional orgasm in strength, but longer in length. My dry orgasms are totally dry and last up to a minute. But they aren’t a super O. That’s different.

    What you are describing actually sounds like a p wave. Maybe it’s a dry O. But it’s not a super O. A super O will consume your whole body. Dry O’s seem to be more “tip of the penis” focused.

    I’ve only had 3 super O’s in my life but all in the last month. The journey is fine. I used to sometimes get P waves. Then I got to abohase where I have lots of P waves. Then only some leaking. Now lots of leaking. Then sometimes dry O’s, now almost all the time.

    So now I consistently get p waves. Then leaking. Then dry O’s. I know the next step is super O’s more consistently. Been working on this about twice a week for 8mo now.

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