How long did it take for you to feel pleasure?

I’ve started to take the butt training seriously now. Been on and off for 2 months due to stress and personal issues, but I’ve playing with myself every day for the past 3 days.

I’m still weak and still get frustrated in my sessions and touch my pp, but I’m trying not to.

It doesn’t really feel that good. Sometimes I feel more prostate pleasure from touching my nipples than the thing itself!

I feel mild, mild pangs of pleasure.

At the start it felt intense but not pleasurable. Shaking, waves going through my body to my face, but not really pleasure.

Now it feels more like localized, kind of mild pleasure. It doesn’t really feel like much.

I feel weird because I think about inserting things into my butt 24/7 but I’m almost never in the mood for it. Even when I feel butt horny the setup and knowing my sessions don’t really satisfy me get in the way.

I just am finding it soooo hard not to get frustrated. Being a bottom slut (I’m not really a slut) conflicts with the anhedonia I feel from it has been messing with me.



  1. Maybe you’re trying too hard. Especially at first, you have to take your time, be relaxed (not rushed), and in the mood. Start slowly, with no contractions, then only weak ones (holding them), and let the pleasure happen without expectations… then you’re more likely to feel pleasure. It is a different, more subtly kind than penile stimulation, or even from penetration with a dildo, etc. (at least at first – but it can get very intense later in a session). And don’t worry, it’s OK to tease your dick to get/stay aroused, or even to finish up stroking with the toy inside… do what feels good. Just try to mainly focus on the prostate feelings, even if you occasionally play with your dick. There is no One True Path, find what works for you.

    Here’s a comment I posted recently with some tips that may help (or you may already be doing): [](

    Finally, can you share which model you’re using? Not all work the same with everyone. The Helix seems to be the most popular, for example, but doesn’t do much for me, by the time I start to feel it, it feels as if it’s poking me (not in a good way). I prefer the MGX, or sometimes the Vice, Prograsm, or Eupho. YMMV. Hope this helps, good luck!

  2. Describing yourself as a bottom slut makes me think that maybe your expectations are wrong. I’m a straight male so I can’t totally relate but I can say that if you’re expecting an aneros to replace the feelings you get from sex with a lover, you’re doing it wrong. Get a dildo for that.

    The aneros pleasure is just as you described. You actually are making progress. My first two months I felt little to mild sensations but my legs shaked like crazy. So much I would be sore the next day like I went on a hike.

    Over a few months this went away. It’s all part of the rewiring process. Then I started feeling like you are now. More localized. I could feel contact on the prostate and could feel every curve of the toy. But it was kinda boring. 1-3hr sessions with just some few random “ooh, that’s nice” moments but nothing more.

    My aneros life really changed when I started practicing kegels without the toy. All day. While driving. While working. Watching TV. I learned to separate all 3 muscles, PC, anus, cremester. I actually took 3 weeks off from the aneros and just practiced Aless (aneros less) sessions. This is when I had my first hands free wet orgasm.

    I got back into the aneros and was now able to manipulate the toy with muscle movements to get it to fuck me. The sensations really started building and I was getting consistent p waves. Then I started getting wet hands free orgasms. The goal is hands free dry and super O’s so I switched it up.

    Now that I have muscle control. I can feel everything. Now I moved to the do nothing approach. I will do a 10% PC contraction and just hold it for 30mins. Hold. No flexing or pumping. Just hold and breathe. Then things really get going. The muscles tire out and start spasm by themselves and the fun really begins.

    I’m 8mo into my journey and not until the last 5-6weeks has it really become amazing. I also spent a lot of money and time on different toys. I own a MGX, Helix, Tempo, and Progasm Ice. They are all different. But the toy that helped me go to the next level was the Tempo. The steel and weight and size have that thing dancing on your prostate in a way that no other toy has.

    However, I can only achieve really really intense buzzing and p waves from the Tempo. But they are heavier and come faster (within 15mins) than with other toy. My new technique is 2 toys. I start with aless for a few mins. Get the feelings going. Then the Tempo (read the instructions. You’ll barely put it in and let the contractions suck it in over time) until I’m almost cumming. I can’t get it to put me over the edge. Once I’m almost there I use the MGX or the Progasm. Progasm if I want a hard knocking on the prostate and quick orgasm. MGX if I want to go ride orgasms for for next hour.

    Hope this helps. I’m still learning as well and your journey so far sounds similar to my first few months.

  3. I kegel every single day. I’m doing it right now. When browsing the internet or watching tv just clench the muscle you use to stop the flow of urine (PC). Clench as hard as you can. That’s 100%. Now that you know what that feels like. Take it down to50% and hold for a count of 5. So this a ton of times. When you are ready, after a week of that. Do it does coins of10 or 15 each time. Then more and more. Then start doing a20% hold, starting all over again with a count of 5. Then 10, 15, etc.

    Eventually you will get a tingle in your stomach. Like you do when you are scared of something. That’s a p wave. Focus on it. Try to make it longer.

    Don’t tense up. If you feel a wave while holding at 50% don’t clench down to 100%. Maintain the same force,or go weaker. Never stronger.

    And as far as location. No. Never heard of that before where the prostate isn’t center. I think you just don’t know what your prostate is yet. You’ll get there. The signs you are showing are positive.

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