Sleepiness, Boredom, and Arousal

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using my Helix Syn for the past 5 months with some decent results.

Relaxation and arousal are often cited as key elements to success. However, I have been having two issues with this. First, I can easily relax, but this causes me to quickly fall asleep in the middle of my sessions, which is not exactly conducive to making progress.

Second, if I instead concentrate heavily on maintaining arousal and focusing on sensations, I become mentally exhausted rather quickly.

Many users report that they require 2-3 hour sessions to make progress, especially at the beginning of the journey. I can barely last an hour without either falling asleep, becoming bored, or becoming mentally exhausted and distracted.

Any tips on how to overcome this challenge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !



  1. I generally watch porn to maintain arousal and when the sensations begin to pick up, I normally lose interest in the video and start imagining the scenario vividly and focusing on improving the feelings.

    Also, make sure you’re aroused before your session. Maybe take some time out during the day and scroll through some NSFW subs or websites you like to get you in the mood. It helps me if I’ve done that a few times during the day to help build up expectation.

    Finally, depending on your inclination and where you live, I generally have the best sessions when I’ve just smoked weed. It just turns them into a completely different world of sensations which I’ve never been able to beat without weed. Stay away from alcohol and coffee before your sessions too. Numbs the senses and can also make you want to piss!

  2. Yes, you are right. I had that experience you said for a long time.

    It’s a good beginning that you said you can relax easily. IME, you need something to avoid boredom. There is my way: Try to watch some “soft” porn pictures like people with underdress or some sexually suggestive pictures on the scene. (No actully fucking) Don’t care too much about handless or not, that’s not the point at this stage. Stimulating nipples and balls are good now. (Never touch penis!)

    I don’t recommend you to watch “Hard” porn cuz that makes you want to ejaculate.

    Then concentrate to the picture you really enjoy, get your mind into it, do something with her/he, anything you want. You can just find out it’s super easy to make that dirty minds horse around just because aneros’ in your butt.

    When you link your mind and your butt, the victory at your hand. I hope it can help you.

  3. It’s funny how we are all built differently beacause something I’ve done in the past is to relax and take a nap while using the aneros.
    For me, it is a different way of having a session. What happens is that my prostate is being stimulated even when I’m asleep and I usually wake up as a result of a stronger anal contraction that leads to pleasure.

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