How to get support from aneros website?

I bought a toy from the aneros website two month ago, and I haven’t heard from them since. They just run away with a 100$ of mine.

Did anyone had the experience of talking with aneros support? I send then email and opened tickets on their website, and they ignored all of them.

I would buy from Amazon which I trust but they didn’t ship it internationally. So I went to buy directly from the scammers..

Now I just feel cheated out of my money by this scammy website, and got no one to get help from.

So here I decided to try Reddit.

Any advice for this situation will be appreciated!


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  1. I know they were having issues with their website recently. Have you tried calling or emailing anytime recently? I rarely see or hear bad things about the company. I’m a huge fan myself, the forum has been down for almost two months so I guess something is going on over there. I would keep trying, I don’t think they are scammers.

  2. How long ago did you place your order? Perhaps you should try contacting High Island Health, as they manufacture the Aneros.

  3. I don’t believe they are scammers, but their support has been pathetic lately. Hopefully you get this resolved ASAP!

  4. They’re legit. I’ve dealt with them and their support in the past. You might want to look up Forrest Andrews, he represents them on social media and such IIRC. Maybe you can drop him a line?

  5. I would call and talk to them,they are not a crooked company.Their products are very healthful and pleasurable to use.

  6. Hmm… They have been “upgrading their website/forum” for two months now. Still ongoing with no changes. As someone else said, try calling in or going to High Island Health. I wonder if something bad happened and they lost control of their site again. It happened once a long time ago and they got hacked. The forum has been locked for 2 months and seem to have no response to emails… it’s a bit concerning.

  7. Thérèse is a News message on the Aneros forum, iTélé should Côme hacké to Life son:


    1/7 Update – Hi everyone, the new forum will be up and running in a few days at the latest. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

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