Soreness from Helix

I’ve been using the regular helix for about the past 9 months or so. I’ve had about two or three sessions with really good success. About a month ago I had the best session yet and I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since. There was about a 10 day period where I’d try a session in bed before falling asleep. I typically use silicone lube.

During that 10 day stretch I noticed some soreness/slight tingliness/stingy sensation near my sphincter area. I assumed it was from over using so I took a break for a week.

Next session I got the same sensation. It almost feels like it’s a struggle for the aneros to glide up and down my rectum despite always using plenty of lube. The sensation goes away when I take the aneros out.

At this point it’s almost distracting and I feel like takes away from my concentration.

I’m wondering if a) i need to try a different model, and b) if my rectum is just absorbing the lube too fast? I typically reapply lube at least once in the middle of the session. Also I’m wondering if I’m contracting TOO hard.


3 comments on “Soreness from Helix

  1. Probably has nothing to do with it, but have you tried changing the lube just to clear that is not some kind of reaction?

  2. It’s not only you. I bought an Helyx as my only device and indeed it is too harsh for me. It leaves me sore, and I’ve read similar stories. I’m planning to purchase an Eupho shortly because, even tho at first the Helyx worked fine, lately, after each session, it leaves me sore for several days, or even weeks.

  3. The white Helix P-tab hurts me. I even wonder if it did a little nerve damage. The syn Helix is flexible enough to not hurt me, but I can’t use silicone lube with it. I use a mix of coconut and avocado oil… or just avocado oil… coconut oil can need to be reapplied… but, avocado seems to be amazing.

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