First time results…. a bit meh

So, I used my newly arrived Helix Syn Trident for the first time (put a condom on, used plenty of waterbased lube and laid down, waited some minutes and started lightly contracting the muscles.
First prob: aside from a rather good control of the kegel-muscles I somewhat can’t do those rectal contractions alone as it seems. So, it still kinda worked, I layed down, legs and knees in a 90° angle up with the feet flat on the bed. I felt like my dick was oozing precum though it was flaccid and laying in a different position than it felt, so I guess that’s a good thing? Them a trembling like I’m cold started, though it was 24°C in the room. I kept the contraction of the muscles at about 3/4 as I did read and it felt like that my penis swelled somehow, but it was still flaccid.

Sadly, I just moved the feet around while I was shaking slightly and I lost the feeling kinda directly. I tried it again, this time flat on the bed, it was way more difficult. Then I added a pillow under my ass and tried both, flat lying and with the legs angled up…. but nothing really worked. Could it that the Trident is a bit too short for me? I noticed it’s arms are not “snug”, only the tips are touching the skin slightly, so the toy is ~1cm out. Is that normal? If I press it all the way in I feel some kind of pressure. Not sure if that would be better? I tried holding it inside though it neither worked, surprise.

So after about 4hours I gave up and just jerked off normally, the orgasm was okay, though not overwhelming. Just the ejaculation was more than usual.

A sidenote, ofcourse curiosity kills the cat…. even while using a condom the thing smells like… you know. Any suggestion how to clean it? I used soap and toycleaner (come kind of alcohol mixed with other stuff)…. nothing helps.

From here I feel like not trying it again for the next few weeks 😛



  1. For most guys, the first time is under-whelming. You may be expecting to get the “super-O” everyone talks about. But your mind and body have to “learn” how to use the toy, and become sensitive to the feelings it can provide. That takes time and practice. Sorry, there’s no shortcut.

    It sounds like you did have some results initially, so to me that’s a positive start. The precum and trembling are good signs.

    As for cleaning the toy, soap and hot water should be enough. You can try toy cleaners, but I haven’t found they work any better than just plain soap. If it still has an odor, try leaving the soap on it for an hour or so, then rinse well, and let it air dry overnight.

    Yes, it’s possible that the Helix Trident is too short for you… but unlikely, unless you’re very tall (> ~2m). Honestly, given the results you reported, I don’t think that’s your problem. And you should not need to hold it with your hands; the anal contractions should pull it over your prostate, especially once you develop your muscles down there.

    In a post here a few weeks ago, I made a list of things that help me achieve a hands-free orgasm with Aneros, based on 12+ years of experience using them. Forgive the duplication, but I’ll repost it here (edited a bit to for your questions):

    1. Be clean, or better yet, cleaned out down there. Try using an enema (you can get a disposable one, they’re cheap and easy). This is very important. The toy has to be able to move inside you, unimpeded, for it to work best, without any discomfort. It also helps with keeping the toy clean. Then, get a nice hot shower afterwards (or bath if you prefer). That helps you relax as well.
    2. Be relaxed, in a positive mood, and take your time. Plan for at least an hour, or perhaps two. (It shouldn’t take 4). Don’t be rushed or distracted, as you need to be aware of your body and open to feeling new things.
    3. Be in a quiet room, dim lights, comfortable temperature, in a comfortable position. I prefer being on a bed laying on my back with my legs pulled up, laying on a towel to keep things clean. You may prefer a different position for insertion (such as on your side) if it’s easier. But I’ve never had much success after that on my side or stomach. You can try putting a pillow in various positions if that helps. I sometimes put one under my thighs so my legs can be raised without exertion. Main thing is, be comfortable.
    4. Use a good lube. I often use light coating of vaseline on the toy before my main water-based or combo (coconut oil+water) lube. That works great, and has never damaged any of my toys. Or try coconut oil. Water-based lubes alone can work, but IMO they aren’t as effective as oil-based on combo lubes. The toy needs to be able to move in you without friction, so they lube is important. Don’t use a silicone-based lube on silicone toys like the Aneros Syn’s.
    5. Be aroused… be horny going in, and try to stay in that frame of mind. Perhaps use some erotic stimuli (online erotic stories, porn, or just fantasies). I also tease my dick some til I get hard. (I know, the instructions say “don’t touch” at all… but that doesn’t work for me). Not necessarily stroking, and not though the whole session, just teasing, especially before and shortly after insertion, until I feel the prostate sensations really beginning. Then I cut back on attention to my dick (at least until the end, if I want to finish with a wet orgasm). You can also try edging a while before you start a session, but once you insert the toy, try to (mostly) focus on the feelings from your prostate.
    6. After insertion, use gradual contractions of the anus. Start with none — just letting your body get used to the toy for at least 5-10 minutes after insertion, while breathing deeply and/or getting aroused. Then, start with weak contractions (like pulling the toy half way in)… hold it, repeat. Then start holding it longer, eventually as long as you can… but weak pressure, pulled like halfway in. You muscles should start twitching, causing the toy to kind of vibrate inside you. Then, mix stronger contractions with weaker ones, eventually using more strong contractions and holding them. By then (30-45 min in), you should definitely be feeling it.
    7. Find the right toy. If you’re not feeling one, perhaps try another one. I sometimes use more than one in a session, if I’m not feeling it. I’ve had HFOs with Aneros MGX, Eupho, and Vice, as well as the njoy wand. I prefer the Trident plastic ones, because they move more than Syns (black silicone coating). The Progasm feels good too, but is larger, and doesn’t move as much; so I usually don’t feel much until it ambushes me with a sudden, intense wet ejaculation. Helix works for a lot of guys but not so well for me. YMMV.
    8. During your session, continue to focus on the prostate sensations and erotic thoughts or fantasies (with or without external stimuli such as stories or porn, but I find those do help). Your mind is your most important sexual organ. If you get distracted, pre-occupied, or rushed, you won’t get there.
    9. You may find that abstaining from ejaculation for a day or two ahead helps (depending on your age — guys over 40 or 50 may take longer). The main thing is to be in the right mood and not expecting too much. Extended abstinence is not necessary. In fact, IMO, longer periods of abstinence can be counter-productive because they increase your expectations (“I’ve waited all this time…”).
    10. Perhaps most importantly: try to completely let go of anticipation and expectations, those are your enemies. Just let it happen. And realize that you may not get an HFO every time. (Even now, I get one only about every 3 sessions or so). If you don’t seem to be feeling a HFO, and you’re ready to wrap up, you can finish yourself off by stroking with the toy in for (hopefully) an intense “combo” climax and big ejaculation. Although it’s not as intense as an HFO, it’s always more pleasurable than orgasm from traditional masturbation.

    Those are the things that work for me; YMMV. Don’t give up, keep practicing, and mix and match techniques until you find what works for you. Different people find that different things work better for them. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  2. Bruh. If you were expecting something your first go…I’d suggest some more reading on the wiki. It’s pretty widely acknowledged that the Super-O process is a long time process requiring mental and emotional effort on the part of the user. You haven’t even begun.

  3. When I had my Helix Syn Trident, I felt nothing after 20 hourlong sessions. My perineum tab also was barely touching my skin.

    Nowadays I have the impression the thing wasn’t made for my body.

  4. I’ve resigned myself to accept the fact that I’m not ‘wired’ for this type of stimulation. I’ve had teh MGX and Progasim. Neither have done anything for me at all after all the reading and trying.

    These things just are not for everyone…

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