Body gets cold during session?

Does anyone randomly get cold during a session? Cold and shivering. Sometimes I get randomly cold after my body gets so sensitive during a otherwise good session. I get some p waves, involuntary contractions, and then they calm down a bit and I start getting cold, and I start to shiver to the point it ruins all my concentration. Anyone else get that?



  1. Well, it happens to me always, whenever it’s not Summer, since I don’t have AC at my house, so for example right now during winter, I try to move around, exercise a little bit, and wear all the sweaters and hats I can beforehand, so when I start my session I’m, literally, warmed up. Then I can get naked, and the whole arousal keeps me warm, but as soon as I finish I know I have to cover up, because I’ll rapidly cool down.

    Have you tried, perhaps getting one of those electric blankets? Or getting a heater for your room? I always say I’m gonna buy one of those, and each year it’s the same old story lol

  2. I have an electric blanket that sits underneath the matress protector. I usually just turn this on low and it makes things more comfortable. If it’s cold you also get some nice sensations with the matress side being warm and other parts of your body feeling the cold air.

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